Born in Barcelona, one of my first jobs was tour guide in my hometown. Later, when I moved to Lagrasse, the sudden will to guide again drove me to create Rdv Entre les Vignes with the aim of sharing Lagrasse, one of France’s most beautiful villages.

At Rdv Entre les Vignes, we enjoy sharing our love of the village, its local history and good stories.


Discover Lagrasse, one of the most beautiful villages in France, on this 90-minute stroll through its narrow cobbled streets. Along the way, between the town and the abbey, in squares and behind facades, there are stories to be told and a fascinating medieval story to be revealed.

Tour rate: 20 euros per person. | Free under 12 years old. Group rate for 6 or more.

Starting point at La Maison du Patrimoine, 16 rue Paul Vergnes, Lagrasse. Reservation needed.



Découverte à pied de la cité médiévale de Lagrasse, un des “plus beaux villages de France”. 90 minutes de balade tranquille entre pierres et histoire(s), entre le bourg et l’abbaye. Les ruelles, places et façades de Lagrasse cachent une passionnante histoire, un riche passé médiéval que nous dévoilerons tout au long de notre promenade.

Les visites pourront se faire en français, anglais, espagnol ou catalan.

Prix de la visite: 20 euros par personne. | Gratuit pour les de moins de 12 ans. Tarif groupe à partir de 6 personnes.

Départ de la Maison du Patrimoine, 16 rue Paul Vergnes à Lagrasse. Sous réservation.



Descubre a pie la ciudad medieval de Lagrasse, uno de los pueblos más bonitos de Francia. Un tranquilo paseo de 90 minutos entre piedras e historia(s), entre el pueblo y la abadía. Sus callejuelas, plazas y fachadas esconden una apasionante historia, un rico pasado medieval que desvelaremos a lo largo de nuestro paseo.

Precio de la visita: 20 euros por persona. | Gratuito para los menores de 12 años. Tarifa de grupo a partir de 6 personas.

Las visitas pueden ser en español o catalán.

Inicio en la Maison du Patrimoine, 16 rue Paul Vergnes, Lagrasse. Reserva obligatoria.


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Dear Carlos,
Many thanks for the splendid eye-opener!
To a man we were thrilled.
Janice Frey, USA

Testimonial Janice Frey
Janice Frey
Many Thanks

Merci beaucoup for a special walking tour of Lagrasse! We loved your calm, thoughtful style as you describe the history, culture and politics of this wonderful village. We learned a lot and are leaving with a fuller understanding of the region.

David and Lisa Ellenberg, Portland, Oregon US.

Testimonial David and Lisa Eilenberg
David and Lisa Eilenberg

…”Carlos is a charming and well informed guide, stopping here and there allowing us to take in the ambiance of Lagrasse.  His explanation of every little detail was delivered carefully and in depth.  We weren’t rushed but made a leisurely tour taking in the village, the river and the Abbey.   It was wonderful not to feel rushed and under Carlos guidance this ancient village came to life.  I am a tour guide myself and would like to congratulate Carlos – wonderful.  Thank you.”

Testimonial Jill and John Dennis
Jill and John Dennis